The Brentwood Volunteer Fire Company combines professional training and advanced equipment with a strong community orientation. Since January 3, 1916, local volunteers have chosen to sacrifice their time and put their safety on the line to preserve the lives and property of their neighbors. In addition to responding to fire emergencies and vehicle accidents, the department also performs valuable community service.

Line Officers

Chief: Dan Niecgorski 
Assistant Chief: Rob Fialkovich 
Second Assistant Chief: Michael Wega 
1st Lieutenant: Dylan Gray
2nd Lieutenant: Brandon Hoebler 
3rd Lieutenant: Jim Holliday 
Chief Engineer: 
Assistant Engineer: Tom Crowder

Board of Directors

President: Charles Cook
Vice President: Brendan Miller 
Secretary: Walt Bugielski
Treasurer: James Smith
Financial Secretary: Maureen Smith 
Sergeant of Arms: James Smith
Chairman of the Board: Walt Bugielski
Board Members: 
       Jim Holliday
       Dan Niecgorski 
       Michael Wega
       Nate Niecgorski
       Catie Niecgorski
       Brendan Miller

Life Members

Richard P. Odato 
Gary P. Weinheimer
Robert P. Collins 
John G. Gannis
Lawrence Heenan, Jr.
James S. Joyce
James J. Smith
Dennis P. Flanigan 
Jeffrey R. Flannery
Charles W. Cook
James G. O'Brian
Jerome R. Kirsch, Sr. 
John E. Loeffel 
Robert H. Schwarz
Walter A. Bugielski
Joseph P. Kramer
Michael A. Wega
Steven J. Milius 
Daniel Niecgorski
Thomas E. Crowder
Richard A. Collavo, Jr. 
John H. Crowder


Miki D. Bagnull
Adam J. Berger
Richard A. Collavo
Emily M. Columbus
James J. Cumer
Robin M. Evans
Robert S. Fialkovich, Jr.
Dylan J. Gray
Brandon P. Hoebler
Adam J. Hoebler
James E. Holliday
David J. Isabella
Michael S. Kasyan
Tim McCune
Kaitlyn M. MacNamara
Brian E. Malloy
Brendan D. Miller
Catie Niecgorski
Nathan E. Niecgorski
Justin Perry
Austin J. Samarco
Scott Samarco
Justin Samarco
Gordon W. Sullivan
Michael J. Wega

Social Members

Pat Lynn Bugielski
Nickie Fialkovich
Christy McCune
Haley E. McSuley
Karen Niecgorski
Maureen Smith Richard J. Swick